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BAC Mountain West ADC

Local 1

BAC Local 1
BAC Local 1

BAC Local 1

The Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers is a service organization that helps improve BAC members' quality of life - both on and off the job - through access to well-paying jobs and quality benefits, and by building solidarity and support among all BAC members.

  • Organizing all trowel trades workers within BAC's jurisdiction
  • Promoting or establishing wages, hours and working conditions for BAC members
  • Promoting the health, welfare and safety of BAC members and their families
  • Making programs available that increase employment opportunities for BAC members
  • ....Plus many more!

Meet Your Representative/Staff

Carter Henrie

Carter Henrie

UT President

Recording Secretary/Delegate

  • Zachary Merrill

Vice President

  • John Leach, Sr.


  • Drew S. Richins

Negotiating Committee

  • John Leach, Sr.